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Recommended Modular Commercial Products:
Quicker Scheduling, Lower Cost, Longer Lifecycle

  Commercial facilities high use requires durable finishes able to hold up to the demands of a rigorous environment. Whether commercial office systems or ISO Class cleanroom systems lifecycle cost must be minimized by stronger more impact resistant finishes and features.    

   Prefabricated and prefinished components allow for less disturbance, particulate intrusion, and VOC releases into adjacent work or process areas while minimizing downtime, construction cost, and maintenance requirements for newly renovated areas.

   The relocatable and reconfigurable features and benefits of modular offices, wall systems, and infrastructure components allow for minimum cost on return to origin lease arrangements while controlling the cost of new  construction during your relocation by utilization of existing modular systems.

   Value added features of modular office construction systems, while not apparent at initial purchase, are quickly realized during future renovations for personnel or process changes.   

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Portafab Modular Office and Wall Systems

   Portafab modular office and wall systems allow for longer lifecycles with high durability final finishes. Single or two story systems for lower costs, and higher sound deadening. Fully relocatable at end of lease scenarios or reconfigurable with a minimum of disruption to adjacent processes.   

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USG Ceiling Suspension Systems

  USG is the global leader in the manufacture of ceiling suspension systems and a recognized innovator in the development of acoustical panels and specialty ceiling systems. We believe that USG ceiling products should not only bring visions to life, they should also enhance and inspire those visions while reducing the building industry’s impact on the environment.

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Flexhead Systems, Flexible Fire Sprinkler Piping Systems

    FlexHead systems connect sprinkler heads to sprinkler sub-mains in about a quarter of the time it takes to install hard pipe. Add in the fact that less people can do the work, and you’re looking at significant productivity gains.

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AMPINNERGY Modular Wiring Power Distribution Systems

   AMPINNERGY modular power distribution and AMPNETCONNECT systems allow for quicker. lower cost primary installation of electrical wiring systems with complete interchangeability for future requirements. Allows for further enhancement of modular office and wall systems.

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Velocity™ Modular Cleanroom Systems and Components

   Velocity™ modular cleanroom systems or components in either enamel coated aluminum, FRP, HPL, or stainless steel with powdercoated framing systems allow for the installation of sterile environments with a minimum of particulate intrusion.

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TRANE HVAC Air Conditioning Systems and Services

   TRANE air conditioning systems provide environmental control for office and cleanroom environments per ASHRAE and ISO 14644 standards and specifications. Lower energy consumption, smaller equipment and higher indoor air quality.

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Horton Manual or Automatic Sliding Door Systems

   Horton automatic or manual sliding door systems with either positive or negative pressure gasketing allow for maintenance of critical areas airflow and pressurization to avoid particulate intrusion or cross contamination of air zones.  

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Armstrong Commercial Flooring Systems

   Armstrong commercial flooring systems, VCT, laminate, and sheet vinyl's offer UV resistant flooring systems for commercial environments.

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CECO Commercial Grade Doors and Frames

   Ceco Door offers a complete line of standard hollow metal doors in face sheet gauges ranging from 20 to 14. Ceco has variety of core choices including honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane foam and temperature rise cores. 

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Best Commercial Grade Hardware and Lock Sets

   For almost 80 years BEST product line has built a reputation as a premiere provider of high quality mechanical access solutions featuring the interchangeable core and master key system. Stanley Security Solutions is more able to serve its customers through expanded programs that provide creative system design, innovative product solutions, personal sales consultation & nationwide installation and maintenance assistance.

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