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Locally Manufactured
Modular Construction:

Quicker construction scheduling, lower construction cost, and cleaner  construction methods.

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Locally Manufactured Modular Systems:
Prefabrication and Modularization Increase Productivity, Decrease Cost
   Welcome to Quality Engineered Structures, Inc. (CBC-058971), for 25 years we have specialized in providing  modular design build construction services for the implementation of modular,  prefabricated, prefinished building systems and components for healthcare, ISO class cleanrooms and commercial construction projects. Our primary value added benefits result in less on-site labor, lower insurance cost, and less risk management. 

Interior, Exterior Modular Building Methods and Systems

•  Modular Design Build Methods, Architectural, MEPS Engineering
•  Project Cost Analysis, Project Management, Building Commissioning
•  Panelized Modular Wall Systems, Stainless, Aluminum, Glass, Vinyl PVC
•  Panelized Modular Ceiling Systems, Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, Vinyl
•  Panelized Raised Flooring Systems, EDS, Solid, Perforated, Hi Loading
•  Modular Electrical Power Distribution Systems, 120v, 240, 277v
•  Modular Network Distribution Systems, Copper, Fiber Optics
•  High Indoor Air Quality(IAQ) HVAC Systems, Close Tolerance Controls
•  Waterless Dry Agent Fire Suppression Systems

•  Modular Office Build Outs, Modular In-Plant Office Systems
•  Modular Cleanrooms per ISO 14644-1 Cleanliness Classifications
•  Modular Environmental Rooms, Server Rooms, Powdercoating Rooms,   
    CMM Rooms, Growth Rooms, Pharmaceutical Cold Storage Rooms
•  NSF Cold Storage Facilities, Walk In Coolers, Walk In Freezers

•  Panelized Process Separation Walls, USDA, FDA, up to 40' High
•  Modular Guard Building Systems, Site Built or Assembled

Modular Healthcare Construction:

quality-engineered-structures-59.jpg       quality-engineered-structures-131.jpg
Hospital Common Areas, lobbies, reception, administrative, patient intake, out patient, and food services areas. 

quality-engineered-structures-60.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-114.jpg
Hospital Research Laboratories, stem cell, nanotechnology, biotechnology, tissue engineering, molecular studies.

quality-engineered-structures-61.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-109.jpg
Hospital Cleanrooms, USP-797 sterile compounding ,stem cell , biotechnology, central sterile service units(CSSU).

quality-engineered-structures-69.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-110.jpg
Hospital Operating Rooms, general, specialty, hybrid, air flow, filtration, conditioning, antimicrobial surface finishes.

quality-engineered-structures-62.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-132.jpg
Patient Rooms, single occupancy, multiple occupancy, overnight guest accommodations,  daylight rooms, ICU, CCU.

quality-engineered-structures-86.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-112.jpg
Dialysis Centers, oncology centers, birthing centers, urgent treatment centers, specialty clinics, out patient clinics.

Modular Cleanroom Construction:

quality-engineered-structures-6.jpg       quality-engineered-structures-113.jpg
Medical Device Manufacturing, Class l, Class ll, anesthesiology, cardiovascular, dental, urology, orthopedic.

quality-engineered-structures-80.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-133.jpg
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, production lines, patches, tableting, tube filling, liquid filling, labeling, packaging.

quality-engineered-structures-91.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-134.jpg
Biotechnology, life sciences, stem cell research, eye and tissue banks,  gene therapy, genetic modification.

quality-engineered-structures-97.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-116.jpg
Sterile Compounding Pharmacies, USP-797 sterile compounding, custom compounding, sterile IV compounding.

quality-engineered-structures-98.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-117.jpg
Hospital Research, pharmacy cleanrooms, sterile compounding, laboratories, isolation suites, operating suites.

quality-engineered-structures-99.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-118.jpg
Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, semiconductor, micro fabrication laboratories, assembly, photolithography.

quality-engineered-structures-100.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-120.jpg
Aerospace, Automotive, composite laminating, electronics, fabrication, component assembly, silk screening.

quality-engineered-structures-101.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-135.jp Glass Laminating and Manufacturing, vinyl cold storage room, precise temperature and relative humidity controls. 

Modular Commercial Construction:

quality-engineered-structures-102.jpg       quality-engineered-structures-121.jpg
Modular Offices, sound deadening, single story, two story, mezzanine, break rooms, shipping and receiving.

quality-engineered-structures-103.jpg        quality-engineered-structures-122.jpg
Commercial Office Build Outs, office, retail, medical, warehouse, convenience stores, single tenant, multi tenant.

quality-engineered-structures-104.jpg        quality-engineered-structures-123.jpg
Sound Deadening Enclosures, sound transmission, sound absorbsion, manufacturing equipment, test enclosures.

quality-engineered-structures-105.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-124.jpg
Environmental Rooms, powdercoating, CCM rooms, warm rooms, cold rooms, walk in environmental chambers.

Commercial Steel Building Systems, office, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, specialty, aircraft hangers

quality-engineered-structures-106.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-125.jpg
Cold Storage Facilities, exterior, interior, florist, restaurants, convenience stores, walk in freezers, walk in coolers.

Modular Guard Building Systems, pre-assembled, site built, steel, concrete, structural insulated panels(SIP)

Advantages of Modular Construction Systems:

Lowered Construction Budgets:


   Commonly used prefabricated and modular building elements include interior and exterior wall assemblies, mechanical, electrical and plumbing system assemblies, infrastructure, and raised flooring assemblies. Prefabricated assemblies, typically modular electrical systems, fabricated in a controlled manufacturing environment, are fabricated with an approximate 40% labor savings over on site fabrication when compared to equal specifications. Other modular components offer approximately the same savings depending on lifecycle costing's. 

   Prefabricated to the same code compliant requirements as site built systems todays modern modular systems offer a cleaner construction, quicker onsite construction scheduling, less onsite labor, and higher quality controls than can be than can be achieved through on site construction processes. 

Cleaner, Quieter, Construction Methods:

quality engineered structures 140shadow  
   Renovation of existing space often times requires a clean and quiet method to minimize disturbance to adjacent areas and functions. With conventional construction and finishing methods adjacent areas are often exposed to particulates, odors, and noise from ongoing conventional construction processes.

   Modular construction methods, with prefabricated and pre finished sub assemblies, can alleviate much of the disturbances to adjacent areas associated with conventional construction methods. Future renovation or changes to modular constructed areas further reduce disturbances to adjacent areas. 

Quicker Onsite Construction Scheduling

quality engineered structures 137shadow  
   Conventional onsite construction methods have lead to many challenges for todays owners and builders of healthcare, commercial, and residential construction projects. Lack of highly skilled construction personnel, job site congestion, and high quality control but to name a few.

   Modern modular construction methods, maintaining high quality finishes and components through manufacturing controls, minimizing skilled onsite construction labor required , and minimizing the number of highly skilled personnel on the job-site, can significantly decrease the onsite project construction scheduling by a conservative estimate of 15% to 20%.   

Reduced Onsite Construction Labor:



   Cost effective construction efficiency measures demand significant reductions in construction labor to realize maximum value added to all construction projects. With labor rates in both union and non union construction zones dramatically increasing, any reduction in highly skilled MEPS construction labor, will significantly reduce, labor, insurance, and final construction project cost.

   Employing modern modular construction methods throughout the MEPS construction layers allows for the same volume of productivities to be attained with meaningful reductions in skilled construction personnel. Participants in recent surveys by a leading modular construction authority have estimated a 6% savings in overall construction budget.    

Greater Construction Quality Assurances:

quality engineered structures 139shadow

   Modern modular construction methods are capable of delivering greater design and construction quality per unit of time and expense than site-built construction. Combined with design build construction management modular construction methods deliver higher quality assurances due to todays modern manufacturing facilities.

   Modern manufacturing facilities relying on hi speed production methods now employ laser cameras to maintain finish thicknesses, gap tolerances, and coatings textures. Quality controls that are impossible to replicate with site built construction methods.   

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