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Modular Design Builder Selection:
Do it Right The First Time

   With the popularity of modular construction systems and methods as a viable value engineering system for construction cost reduction the final supply chain to the end user may flow through many channels. Selection of the competent design build firm or architect should be the first concern of the end user when selecting modular systems for their facility.  

   The installation of many modular systems or components may seem like a plug and play scenario but there are many details that must be taken into consideration when integrating modular systems or components for final installation in your facility with regards to life safety and MEPS code compliances.

   Purchase a modular building, modular office system, cleanroom or other modular components only from a manufacturer that has a manufacturers representative in your area along with a local state licensed architect or contractor capable of working thru the intricacies of code compliance and correct installation or construction procedures. Assure that the architect or design builder has experience with your systems or comparable systems by either checking references or a site visit to a previous project.

   Follow all local building codes and procedures for approval  of modular building systems or components, failure to do so will most certainly cause significant additional rework if not compliant with your facilities life safety or MEPS design limits and local codes. 

   Do it yourselfers and permit by owner need to thoroughly understand the risk involved in any form of construction activity whether modular or conventional. Further information on permit by owner may be obtained at the Florida Senate site for Chapter 489.103 exemptions.     


Modular Design Builder Selection:

   Modular design methods can vary greatly from conventional design methods depending on the manufacturer, existing facility conditions, and experience of the design builder or architect. Selection of the design builder or architect should always start with a licensure search through your states building licensure division. Here in Florida you can search the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation(DBPR) for correct licensure. 

   Modular building systems, wall systems, office systems, cleanroom systems, environmental room systems, cold storage systems and integrated equipment and utilities systems all differ greatly in structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety requirements. Builders or architects experienced in your specific application and systems should be selected on previous project accomplishments. 

   It is for the above reasons that you should only select a design build firm or architect that is experienced with the specific modular systems that will be utilized for modular construction within your facility and has the qualifying licensures in your home state. 

   Final design drawings and specifications need to incorporate detailed drawings and instructions on integrating all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety devices into the structural components of the modular systems. Leaving these decisions to the construction trades workers when encountered will slow construction and most likely result in inconsistent techniques utilized throughout the installation of the modular systems.

   Many reputable modular systems manufacturers have drawings and details prepared beforehand and though they may need to be revised to meet local code compliance most design builders or architects will modify as required for code compliances.

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Modular Systems Selection:

   Selection of modular systems and components for integration into your facility will need to be determined by the existing conditions of your facility and the code compliance requirements of the area you are upgrading.

   Most reputable manufactures can produce documentation by third party testing laboratories or engineering firms as to the structural integrity and life safety or fire ratings of the products they are offering in the modular market. Major testing laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories(UL) and Factory Mutual(FM) also maintain a searchable database of approved products and manufacturers.

   Your modular builder should be able to provide you with documentation from any other certified testing agencies. Other third party engineering groups must be licensed in your home state and have a state license number and stamp designating their specific licensure.

   Modular systems selection should also be fully validated and approved by your local building departments design review planners before proceeding with the purchase of any modular systems. Failure to follow correct compliance procedures can lead to expensive and costly rework.

   Exterior modular building systems and components meeting the wind load and missile impact test in Florida are usually listed in a searchable database by Miami Dade County or for manufactured buildings or guard buildings, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation(DBPR) website for manufactured buildings.

   Quality Engineered Structures, Inc. (CBC-058971), and its divisions spends an unusual percentage of its time correcting and reworking illegal interior and exterior modular construction throughout the state. If information is required by your company on modular construction systems or methods please feel free to contact us at your convenience. 
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