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Modular Cleanroom Systems:
Quicker Cleaner Construction, Less Particulate 

   The construction of todays high value cleanroom environments depends heavily on modular construction methods and systems to guarantee a   cleanroom construction free from large gap tolerances, fine particulate entrapment and highly porous finishing methods.

Interior, Modular Cleanroom Systems and Components

•  Modular Cleanrooms per ISO 14644-1 Standards
•  FDA, cGMP, CFR, USP-797 Compliant Construction

•  Modular Cleanroom Design Build to Client Specification
•  Modular Cleanroom Fast Track Clean Build Construction Protocols
•  Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Micro  
    Electronics, Glass Laminating, 

•  304 Stainless Steel, Mill Finishes, Mirror Finish
•  Steel, Baked on Enamel Coated, Epoxy Coated
•  Aluminum, Baked on Enamel Coated, Epoxy Coated
•  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, Smooth Finish
•  High Pressure Laminates, Abstracts, Solids
•  uPVC Vinyl's, Smooth, Solids, Patterns

•  Entry Egress Systems, Swing, Sliding, Steel, Glass, Fire Rated

•  Mechanical HVAC Systems and ULPA /HEPA Filtration to ISO 14664-1

•  Modular Electrical Power Distribution Systems, 120v, 240v
•  Modular Network Distribution Systems, Copper, Fiber Optic


Modular Cleanroom Construction Systems:

quality-engineered-structures-189.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-146.jpg
   Modular Cleanroom Liner Panels, for renovation of existing rooms into ISO Class cleanrooms, surgical suites, sterile areas.

quality-engineered-structures-281.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-188.jpg
   Modular Cleanroom Self Supporting Panels, self supporting panels for installation of cleanrooms into warehouse or manufacturing facilities.

quality-engineered-structures-195.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-196.jpg
   Modular Cleanroom Curtain Wall, self supporting panels for installation of cleanrooms into warehouse or manufacturing facilities with cleanroom ceilings and utilities suspended from existing structure.

quality-engineered-structures-17.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-246.jpg
    Modular Cleanroom Self Supporting, cleanrooms for installation into existing warehouse or manufacturing facilities with ceiling and utilities supported by cleanroom structure.
quality-engineered-structures-282.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-202.jpg
    Modular Cleanroom Seamless Systems, hot welded or cold welded vinyl or stainless steel for aseptic processing areas requiring wash downs with high pressure water or steam.

Modular Cleanroom Industries:

 quality-engineered-structures-80.jpg        quality-engineered-structures-133.jpg
    Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Cleanrooms, transdermal patches, tableting, tube filling, liquid filling, labeling cleanrooms per cGMP, FDA, ISO standards.    

quality-engineered-structures-157.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-158.jpg
   USP 797 Sterile Compounding Cleanrooms, custom prescriptions, hospital pharmaceutical sterile IV, cyto toxic, and veterinary compounding.

quality-engineered-structures-6.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-283.jpg
    Medical Device Manufacturing, Type l, Type ll, orthopedic, cardiovascular, neurology, dental, plastic surgery, and ophthalmic devices.

quality-engineered-structures-284.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-285.jpg
    Biotechnology Cleanrooms, eye and tissue banks, biopharmaceutical, research laboratories, bioprocessing, and forensic labs.

quality-engineered-structures-40.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-109.jpg
Nanotechnology Cleanrooms, temperature, relative humidity, vibration, and molecular contamination control per IEST-RP-NANO200.1 and ISO/DIS 14644-12

quality-engineered-structures-286.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-118.jpg
    Micro Electronics Cleanrooms, Semiconductor fabrication, aerospace, automotive, lithography, LCD, optics and electronic assembly.

quality-engineered-structures-101.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-135.jpg
   Glass Laminating Cleanrooms, vinyl cold storage rooms, load bearing roof systems, conveyor openings air knives, and gowning rooms.

Quality Engineers Structures, Inc. Cleanroom Division:


Modular Construction Advantages for Cleanrooms:

quality-engineered-structures-171.jpg Reduced Architectural and Engineering Cost, manufacturer generated shop drawings, details, and optional engineering calculations greatly reduce architectural and engineering cost associated with designing and engineering from scratch.
quality-engineered-structures-178.jpg CleanBuild Construction,pre-fabricated and pre-finished modular components minimize field cuts and fitting reduces the construction generated particulates, waste, and debris normally associated with conventional site fabrication construction.
quality-engineered-structures-172.jpg Reduced Construction Scheduling,quicker off site fabrication coupled with quicker on site installation with reduced labor allows for fast track construction scheduling compression of component fabrication and installation times. 20% to 40% construction scheduling reductions are possible.   
quality-engineered-structures-173.jpg Reduced Construction Cost,off site fabrication and finishing reduces on site construction supervision, labor, insurance cost while allowing quicker construction movement due to decongestion of the construction site. Future renovations proceed with less waste. 
quality-engineered-structures-174.jpg Reduced Utility Systems Cost,pre-wired modular power distribution and network communications systems offer high cost reduction when compared to conventional piping field installations of the same electrical components. Estimated at 40% savings over conventional installations. 
quality-engineered-structures-175.jpg Reduced VOC Emissions,Fully pre-finished components reduce VOC emissions within your facility and the environment due to off site application and collection technologies in manufacturing final finishing systems.
quality-engineered-structures-176.jpg Reduced Tax Liability, can be considered capital equipment instead of capital improvements; therefore, they can be depreciated at an accelerated rate of 7 years as equipment versus 32 years as a capital improvement.
quality-engineered-structures-177.jpg Reduced Maintenance Costantifungal and antimicrobial components reduce the daily maintenance and cleaning requirements with more durable powdercoated, laminated finishes increasing life cycle time of the product.
quality-engineered-structures-179.jpg Consistent Fit and Finish,high speed manufacturing systems with quality assurance checkpoints assure consistent fit and finish of all components resulting in higher quality fit and finish than can be replicated with on site fabrication and finishing. 

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