Modular Cold Storage Facilities and Systems:
Sustainable Temperature, Relative Humidity, Close Tolerance Controls 

   Modular cold storage facilities depend on high R-value, hermetically sealed and gasketed steel building systems or modular panelized enclosures to maintain the regulatory close tolerance control of the temperature, relative humidity, and environmental conditions required for cold storage facilities, food processing facilities, and food cold storage facilities.

Modular Cold Storage Facilities Systems and Components

•  Freezer temperatures at 0° F or below Ultra-Low temperatures range:
    -10° F to -20° F
•  Highly reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable
    mechanical Cold Storage Refrigeration Systems to -20° F  

•  Design Build to Client Specification
•  Fast Track Clean Build Construction Protocols
•  USDA, FDA, NSF Compliant Construction Technologies

•  Stucco embossed, G-90 galvanized and/or AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated
    steel in 26 Ga., 24 Ga. and 22 Ga. Type 304 stainless steel in 26 Ga.
    embossed and unpainted. 70% PVDF Fluoropolymer Coating.

•  Class 1 Polyurethane Foam Cores to R-47, Foamed-in-place, Non-CFC &
    zero ODP polyurethane, Factory Mutual Class 1 approval.

•  Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved

•  Entry Egress Systems, Hi Speed Swing, Sliding, Fire Rated


Modular Cold Storage Facilities Construction Systems:

quality-engineered-structures-299.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-300.jpg
   Pre-Engineered Steel Frame Cold Storage Building Systems,
designed to provide long-term storage in a controlled atmosphere, pre-engineered steel frame cold storage buildings offer the strength and dependability of a metal building, the flexibility of design, and the ease of future expansion.

quality-engineered-structures-301.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-302.jpg
  Pre-Engineered Structural Insulated Metal Panels ,
minimize steel framing, and meets and/or exceeds new Florida and Gulf Coast hurricane requirements with engineering up to 200 MPH wind loads.

quality-engineered-structures-303.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-304.jpg
  Pre-Engineered EPS Polystyrene, Snap lock or cam lock with coved corners for NSF interior walk in coolers or walk in freezers, cold storage construction systems. 

Modular Cold Storage Facilities:

quality-engineered-structures-307.jpg       quality-engineered-structures-308.jpg

   Ice Rink, Palm Beach, Florida, 26 Ga. stucco embossed G-90 galvanized pre-painted steel with factory applied 34 mil membrane. Polyisocyanurate core 6", R-47.

quality-engineered-structures-305.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-306.jpg
  Food Processing Facility, Orlando, Florida, stucco embossed, G-90 galvanized and/or AZ-50 aluminum-zinc coated steel in 26 Ga.

quality-engineered-structures-290.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-262.jpg

  Food Processing Facility, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, .019 stucco embossed aluminum (white painted surface), insulated swing and sliding door systems.

quality-engineered-structures-303.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-304.jpg

  Food Processing Facility, Port Au Prince , Haiti, .019 stucco embossed aluminum aculyme, insulated swing and sliding door systems.

quality-engineered-structures-309.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-310.jpg

  Ice Carving Theater, Las Vegas, Nevada, .019 stucco embossed aluminum aculyme, insulated swing and sliding door systems.

quality-engineered-structures-311.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-312.jpg

 Food Processing Facility, Jacksonville, Florida .019 stucco embossed aluminum aculyme, insulated swing and sliding door systems.

quality-engineered-structures-313.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-314.jpg
   Convenience Store,  Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  
seamless fiberglass walk in cooler and walk in freezer, exterior hurricane rated.

quality-engineered-structures-315.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-316.jpg
 Specialty Walk In Coolers, Walk In Freezers,  florist walk in coolers, restaurant walk in coolers and walk in freezers, specialty food processing walk in cold storage.  

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