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Modular Commercial Construction:
Lower Cost, Quicker Scheduling, Relocatable
   Modular office construction has made larges gains in the commercial manufacturing and office market. You can walk the manufacturing facilities of the Fortune 500 and will surely notice two or more modular building systems at each facility for production processes, personnel functions, and equipment enclosures. From systems assembled from subassemblies of panels and channels to fold up insulated units shipped fully assembled and equipped with HVAC and utilities for installation in 10 minutes.     

   Modular construction systems in modern manufacturing facilities are utilized for various functions where the relocatable features prevent manufacturing facilities or processes from being locked in position. The relocatable feature of the modular office buildings allow for quick process changes without the need for constant demolition and reconstruction of conventionally constructed buildings.

   With the relocation of manufacturing facilities into large commercial leasing complexes, and return to origin lease agreements, modular office and building construction has allowed relocation without incurring cost from the demolition and removal of outdated conventionally constructed offices and buildings left behind at the previous location.

   With forethought and planning modular office and building systems can be relocated to new facilities with minimal cost when compared to the cost of demolition of the previous facility, and construction of the new facility, under conventional construction methods. Relocated modular offices and buildings can be updated and reconfigured to serve the requirements of the new facility with minimal design and architectural efforts.      

Modular Construction Systems for Commercial:

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   Modular Office Build Outs,
create administrative offices, conference rooms, and other personnel areas while allowing for flex space floor plans to adjust to future changes and requirements.

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   Modular Office Building Systems, allow for the creation of additional office space in manufacturing or warehouse facilities to accommodate additional personnel and office process centers.

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Cold Storage Facilities, interior, exterior, walk in coolers, walk in freezers, assembled, site built,  hurricane rated exterior  installations. 

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   Modular Sound Deadening Offices or Enclosures, specifically engineered and designed to minimize the sound transmission (STC) or sound absorbsion from high sound level processes.            

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Modular Tall Wall process separation wall allow for process separation for particulate control, temperature and relative humidity control, life safety fire controls, or high valve inventory access.

Additional Modular Commercial Construction Information:


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   Modular Guard Building Systems, offer security enhancement and enforcement at key entry or departure points on facility property. Assembled or site built systems to Florida Hurricane Codes. 

Additional Modular Guard Building Systems Construction Information:


Temporary Modular Construction Systems for Commercial:

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  Fold Out Modular Offices, interior or exterior, unfold and are ready for use in less than 10 minutes, providing an extremely durable and highly energy efficient structure that can be configured to suit your needs.

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   Fully Mobile Office Platforms, suitable for temporary offices on construction sites, temporary processing locations, or personnel housing units.

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   Optional Kitchen, Restroom Modules, can be included to enhance the usability of the primary module for extended times.

 Modular Construction Advantages for Commercial:

quality-engineered-structures-171.jpg Reduced Architectural and Engineering Cost, manufacturer generated shop drawings, details, and optional engineering calculations greatly reduce architectural and engineering cost associated with designing and engineering from scratch.
quality-engineered-structures-178.jpg CleanBuild Construction, pre-fabricated and pre-finished modular components minimize field cuts and fitting reduces the construction generated particulates, waste, and debris normally associated with conventional site fabrication construction. 
quality-engineered-structures-172.jpg Reduced Construction Scheduling, quicker off site fabrication coupled with quicker on site installation with reduced labor allows for fast track construction scheduling compression of component fabrication and installation times. 20% to 40% construction scheduling reductions are possible.   
quality-engineered-structures-173.jpg Reduced Construction Cost, off site fabrication and finishing reduces on site construction supervision, labor, insurance cost while allowing quicker construction movement due to decongestion of the construction site. Future renovations proceed with less waste. 
quality-engineered-structures-174.jpg Reduced Utility Systems Cost, pre-wired modular power distribution and network communications systems offer high cost reduction when compared to conventional piping field installations of the same electrical components. Estimated at 40% savings over conventional installations. 
quality-engineered-structures-175.jpg Reduced VOC Emissions, Fully pre-finished components reduce VOC emissions within your facility and the environment due to off site application and collection technologies in manufacturing final finishing systems.
quality-engineered-structures-176.jpg Reduced Tax Liability, can be considered capital equipment instead of capital improvements; therefore, they can be depreciated at an accelerated rate of 7 years as equipment versus 32 years as a capital improvement.
quality-engineered-structures-177.jpg Reduced Maintenance Cost, antifungal and antimicrobial components reduce the daily maintenance and cleaning requirements with more durable powdercoated, laminated finishes increasing life cycle time of the product.
quality-engineered-structures-179.jpg Consistent Fit and Finish, high speed manufacturing systems with quality assurance checkpoints assure consistent fit and finish of all components resulting in higher quality fit and finish than can be replicated with on site fabrication and finishing.

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