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Modular Interior Wall Systems:
Higher Sound Deadening, Quicker Construction

   Modern modular interior wall systems offer interior wall installation free from the framing, drywall installation, taping, sanding, painting and trimming work typically required by conventional wall construction. Fully prefabricated and prefinished interior wall systems can be installed with less onsite labor cost, less disturbances to adjacent areas, and less onsite construction time.
   Modular interior wall systems with modern textures and finishes can be full floor to ceiling systems for sound deadening and privacy or 7' high systems with open tops for semi private areas. Full height floor to ceiling systems will require coordination of existing ceiling systems, lighting, life safety, and sprinkler locations while 7' high systems can be installed with existing ceiling layouts. 
Interior, Modular Wall Systems and Components

•  Panelized Modular Wall Systems Self Supporting
•  Panelized Modular Wall Systems Bonded Liner Panels

•  304 Stainless Steel, Mill Finishes, Mirror Finish
•  Steel, Baked on Enamel Coated, Epoxy Coated
•  Aluminum, Baked on Enamel Coated, Epoxy Coated
•  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, Smooth Finish, Textured Finishes
•  High Pressure Laminates, Wood Grains, Abstracts, Solids
•  uPVC Vinyl's, Smooth, Textured, Solids, Patterns

•  Entry Egress Systems, Swing, Sliding, Steel, Glass, Wood, Fire Rated

•  Modular Electrical Power Distribution Systems, 120v, 240v
•  Modular Network Distribution Systems, Copper, Fiber Optic


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Modular Wall Systems for Healthcare

   Modular interior wall systems offer healthcare providers much needed flexibility in common areas, patient care areas, and pharmacy applications where privacy, sound deadening and antimicrobial finishes are required. A multitude or finished from stainless steel to antimicrobial uPVC vinyl's can be an aid to fighting infection.   

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Modular Wall Systems for Cleanrooms

   Modular interior wall systems for cleanrooms offer antimicrobial, impact resistant finishes requiring less maintenance, less cost, and nonporous surfaces with flush details to mitigate any particulate entrapment or bioburden build up in critical processing areas.  

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Modular Wall Systems for Commercial

   Modular interior wall systems for commercial office build outs offer faster occupancy, lower cost, higher sound deadening and a flexible floor plan to meet initial build out requirements while planning for future change. Modular electrical, network, and wet sprinkler installations further the modularity or the area in regards to future renovations.
Quality Engineered Structures Recommended Options for Commercial:

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USG Ceiling Suspension Systems

  USG is the global leader in the manufacture of ceiling suspension systems and a recognized innovator in the development of acoustical panels and specialty ceiling systems. We believe that USG ceiling products should not only bring visions to life, they should also enhance and inspire those visions while reducing the building industry’s impact on the environment

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CECO Commercial Grade Doors and Frames

   Ceco Door offers a complete line of standard hollow metal doors in face sheet gauges ranging from 20 to 14. Ceco has variety of core choices including honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane foam and temperature rise cores. 

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Best Commercial Grade Hardware and Lock Sets

   For almost 80 years BEST product line has built a reputation as a premiere provider of high quality mechanical access solutions featuring the interchangeable core and master key system. Stanley Security Solutions is more able to serve its customers through expanded programs that provide creative system design, innovative product solutions, personal sales consultation & nationwide installation and maintenance assistance.

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AMPINNERGY Modular Wiring Power Distribution Systems

   AMPINNERGY modular power distribution and AMPNETCONNECT systems allow for quicker. lower cost primary installation of electrical wiring systems with complete interchangeability for future requirements. Allows for further enhancement of modular office and wall systems.

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