Modular MEP Infrastructure Utilities Design:
Infrastructure Design with Modular Efficiency

  Modern modular architecture utilizing modular infrastructure engineering design principles for the cabling of utility systems allows for all the advantages of modular systems to be realized at the initial construction and future renovations of modular building systems.

   Many systems, electrical, telecommunications, life safety, air distribution and sterile fluids or gases have modular piping and connection systems allowing for almost a plug and play installation of the most common utility systems for modular construction.


Modular Electrical Power Distribution Systems:
   Modular power distribution systems decrease initial installation cost of 120v to 277v power distribution cabling systems and allow for additional savings during future renovations by allowing for reconfigurations of modular wall and ceiling systems without additional demolition and waste of the existing systems. Available in wired configurations to service most commercial requirements. 


quality-engineered-structures-83.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-360.jpg

Modular Network Distribution Systems:

   Anticipating changes in network distribution systems allows for less downtime of critical information systems during initial installations or future modifications to the network distribution systems. Modular network components allow for upgrades or reconfiguration during future office renovations. Now available in both copper and fiber optic systems.  

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Modular Air Flow Distribution Systems:
   High performance ducting for air distribution systems along with vanes, and fire dampers allow for reconfiguration with existing components. Quick flange connections decrease initial installation scheduling while supplying superior high velocity pressurizations.

quality-engineered-structures-85.jp         quality-engineered-structures-275.jpg
Modular Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems:
   By incorporating proprietary flexible stainless-steel hose technology with listed and approved sprinkler heads, the resulting connections simplify installation, inspection, maintenance, and relocation of automatic sprinklers. FlexHead Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Cleanroom products can reduce the risk of loss of life and damage to property domestically and world-wide.

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Modular Raised Flooring Systems:

  A green building provides improved indoor environmental quality. It conserves significant material resources, and saves in maintenance and operation. Integrating raised modular flooring systems with their inherent air flow and power distribution system advantages creates a cohesive and integrated efficiency, resulting in resource conservation, waste reduction and adaptability over the lifecycles of your building.

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