Modular Renovations to Existing Structures:
Expansion with Modular Efficiency

  The blending or modular construction and conventional construction as to not change the style characteristics or the original design style can  be accomplished by the selection of the appropriate modular systems and styles to introduce into the renovation project.

  Additions to existing buildings can be accomplished by careful analysis of the original engineering and structure to incorporate the  modular addition to function with existing utilities, hallways, roof lines, and original elevations to maintain a consistent design flow throughout the addition.

   Interior modular modification to existing areas can be integrated to achieve visual harmony by the use of modern updated components and finishes. Specialty vinyl's, high pressure laminates, and real wood laminate can be prefabricated into panels offsite to decrease construction scheduling and on site labor cost.    


Additions and Renovations to Existing Building Systems:


   Modern modular prefabricated steel building systems can be added to any existing building system aesthetically  matching all brick, masonry, tilt up or existing steel framed systems architectural styling and finishes. Steel frame, structural insulated panels(SIP), or precast concrete can be utilized with steel frame components to meet any wind loading code compliance.

quality-engineered-structures-37.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-208.jpg

Modular Wall Systems in Existing Common Areas:

   Modular wall systems, either self supporting or liner panel systems can establish or transform outdated common areas with style to match or complement existing architectural styles while decreasing disturbance and particulate to other areas. Wood veneers, high pressure laminates, and vinyl coverings can match or complement existing styles.

quality-engineered-structures-90.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-111.jpg

Modular Wall Systems in Existing Sterile Areas:

   Modern modular wall systems engineered with antimicrobial materials and finishes can transform sterile areas with updated styles and architectural features while maintaining the sterility, ease of maintenance. Hospital acquired infections(HAI) can be limited with antimicrobial construction and coatings while mitigating any cross contamination in laboratory or cleanroom areas.  

quality-engineered-structures-88.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-121.jpg

Modular Offices Systems for Existing Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities:

   Modular office systems, both self supporting and hybrid can transform non utilized warehouse or manufacturing spaces into personnel areas for offices, cafeterias, break rooms, secured storage, or high quality  manufacturing process separation.  

quality-engineered-structures-31.jpg         quality-engineered-structures-158.jpg

Modular Cleanrooms in Existing Warehouse, Manufacturing and Commercial Facilities:

   Modular cleanroom systems can transform existing healthcare, warehouse, manufacturing or commercial areas into ISO 14644 Class cleanroom environments. Hospital pharmacies, USP-797, pharmaceutical, medical device, micro electronics, and other high quality manufacturing processes reliant on cleanroom technology.    

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