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Quality Engineered Structures Recommended:
Products We Nominate and Work With

   In over 25 years of design build projects for healthcare, cleanroom and commercial clients Quality Engineered Structures has worked with and utilized modular systems from over 500 different manufacturers. The following pages are a few of the top recommended products we highly recommend and utilize whenever possible in our modular construction projects.

   Our modular component selection process is first based on products that that meet life safety code compliances for commercial use. All our preferred manufacturers can supply independent testing or third party certifications to satisfy local code compliances whether it be life safety, fire, or wind load resistance.

   Our second criteria is delivering value added benefits to our clients. Lifecycle cost, and return on investment(ROI) for the investment spent, the true cost versus initial cost, should be examined when selecting the modular construction  systems, modular offices, modular cleanrooms, or buildings for utilization in your facility. Lowest initial cost will also deliver lowest value added benefits in the future.

   Value engineering and cost reduction relies on fast track construction schedule compression first, then material specification substitutions second. Both have risk attached as schedule compression can lead to costly rework and material substitution can lead to inferior material selections that will not stand the test of time.  

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Advantages of Modular Construction Products Manufacturers:

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Prefabrication, allows for clean build construction protocol with minimum phases as a majority of the cutting and fitting is preformed at the manufacturing level.

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Pre-finishing, also allows us to provide a clean build construction as we do not generate any VOC or odors into adjacent areas.

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Quicker lead times, from high speed manufacturing processes that would be impossible to replicate in the field with conventional construction methods.

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Higher quality assurance is maintained due to components being fabricated and finished in controlled manufacturing environments which allows for a higher overall quality of fit and finish to the completed project.

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   Abbreviated construction scheduling with fully prefabricated and prefinished components alleviating job site congestion, the total number of contractors required, and rework by subcontractors due to quality control issues.

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Independent testing and certification
of modular subassemblies provides another layer of inspections to the final construction review and inspections preformed by local municipalities and agents.

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Manufactured systems warranty
programs assure multilevel service and support of modular systems.

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